Are you worried about your child’s digital safety–but don’t know where to begin?

Cyberama starts the cybersecurity conversation for you, simplifying the best ways to protect ourselves in the exciting and ever-changing world of the internet.


Teens reported being cyber bullied


Increase in cyber crimes against children in 2020


Of parents worried about their child's online safety

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Cyberama's mission

Increase cybersecurity awareness in elementary and middle-school aged kids

Promote interest in STEM careers in young students through education and workshops

Build a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline for cybersecurity

Cyberama is designed to be your biggest tool in the defense against cyber threats, big and small!

About me

Hi! I’m Arthi Vasudevan, a cybersecurity professional and a mom of two young children who have recently started using the internet. I’ve realized that it can be challenging explaining cybersecurity to little ones. With 15 years of experience in engineering and in my latest role leading a cybersecurity portfolio for industrial customers (think turbine, power generation plants, electric grid, etc.), I have exposure to various types of cyber threats such as social engineering, malware, phishing attacks and ransomware to name a few.


I started writing this book in 2021, when my son got his first gaming console and was curious to play multi-player games with strangers on the Internet. That’s when I realized that it’s never too early to start cyber education to kids.

In addition to creating cybersecurity educational content for kids, I also enjoy presenting on the topics of industrial cybersecurity and career development in conferences and industry consortiums. Some of the conferences include Digital Twins in Oil & Gas Conference, Oil & Gas Automation & Digitization Conference, Digital Twin Conference and Women in Tech Texas. 

Book Testimonials

Ben Halpert

Founder, Savvy Cyber Kids

Arthi Vasudevan has done a fantastic job with Cyberama, taking what may seem like complicated cyber safety and awareness concepts and weaving them into an engaging narrative that kids can easily identify with and enjoy

Sarita Menon, Ph.D

Founder Smore Science Magazine

Cybersecurity and online safety have now become more important than teaching kids to code. Cyberama does an excellent job of breaking down complex topics in a fun non-scary way. Every child needs a copy of this book!

Robert M. Lee

CEO Dragos Inc, SANS Instructor

Cyberama is a fantastic children's book weaving together action and adventure while introducing cybersecurity topics in an easy to consume manner. It will make for a fun and educational read for parents and children alike.

Ashley Podhradsky

Co-founder of CybHER

A must-read for kids to learn about how to be safe on the internet, and for parents to teach cybersecurity to kids in a fun way.




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