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Cyberama brings serious fun to complex subjects, like:

· Password Strength

· Social Engineering

· Malware

· Phishing

· Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

· Cyberbullying


This children’s book is full of mystery, fun, learning, and cyber safety for the whole family!


Cyberama is a gift to my children and to children all around the world. My mission is for the tools in this book to become the next generation’s first line of defense against cyber threats.

"As a 25+ year cybersecurity professional, I strongly recommend Cyberama to anyone with school-age children. My kids loved the story and learned real-world cybersecurity concepts required to protect themselves!" - Clint Bodungen, Founder & CEO, ThreatGEN, Author of Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems

THE story

Maya, our protagonist is a curious Indian American seventh grader. Maya's parents are part of a top secret classified project to save millions of lives, through a medicine they are inventing. However, cyber criminals are trying to steal the formula of the medicine through Maya's computer.


It all comes down to Maya, her best friend Dave, and her six artificially intelligent (AI) animal robot pals to keep the criminals from stealing the formula. Are her cybersecurity skills enough to save the day? Will Maya and Dave make it safe through the various levels of the videogame called Cyberama they have to play – a castle, wonders of the world, the Metaverse, inside the human body, a magical rain forest, and a race car game?



Jasmin Davis is a talented digital artist. She has been creating artwork since childhood including digital painting, illustration, character and lighting design, concept and traditional art. As an artist, she loves doing all styles and mediums, but her style of drawing is classified as "Stylised Semi-Realism."


Her recent interest has been to study artwork around cinematic photography and movie screencaps. In the future, she aspires to become a character/ concept artist, as well as having a successful freelancing artist career.


Wise Ink is a creative publishing agency founded in 2013 by Amy Quale and Dara Beevas. 


Wise Ink supports mission-oriented, purpose-driven authors who want to create an impact and make a change. Wise Ink provides high-quality services including customized publishing support, editing, writing, design, marketing, print and distribution.


Wise Ink prides itself in being a responsible publisher telling stories that matter. Wise Ink aims to change the world, one book at a time.




Maya's parents

Cyber Kiki

Cyber Panda

Cyber Unicorn

Cyber Meow

Cyber Fox

Cyber Owl

Book Testimonials

Katie Mehnert

CEO & founder, ALLY Energy

Cyberama is a must-read for parents and kids. It teaches cybersecurity in a fun and educational way and it will change the way you think about security.

Brian Davidson

Founder & CEO, illyricum

Cyberama is a fun and educational ride that takes the audience through a real-world scenario encompassing modern day threats in our current digital lives.

Aya Elfettahi

MLK Scholar Comp Sci student

Every page, every chapter, as I read this book, I was encouraged to think like an engineer! Cyberama offers students the space and tools to question the evil digital realm. 

Abia Zahir

Data Sci student, Amazon Scholar

Cyberama immerses the reader to think like an engineer in exciting and creative ways. People from all ages will enjoy this awe-inspiring and thrilling novel.

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