This interactive web-based game will help kids test their cybersecurity knowledge.


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Printable Coloring Pages

This printable PDF has 21 coloring pages for kids. Ideal for ages 3-7

Comic Strips

This printable PDF has comic 24 comic strips that can be used as conversation starters on cybersecurity topics. Ideal for all ages

Webinar on digital safety

Watch this 36 minute video on digital  threats and internet safety for kids and adults. Ideal for all ages. 

Lesson Plan

This downloadable lesson plan is ideal for teachers to use in a classroom setting. Ideal for kids ages 7-13

I also offer paid workshops (in-person and virtual) on Fridays for students in elementary schools. If interested, please submit a query in the Contact us page. List the name of the school, address, number of students, age/ grade and preferred date(s). Typical duration of the interactive workshop is 1 hour.